The game is to take back the music…

…ongta-flyer1-frontly it’s not a computer game – it’s real life. Music is under attack from the dark forces of development and capitalism and it needs more than Guitar Heroes to step up!

Passing clouds, The Silver Bullet and Hive Dalston have built strong reputations and large communities around live music for many years now and the responsibility falls upon us – and thousands like us – to do something about it. Support each other, help each other – cover our backs and move as one. We needed a plan and, in a flash, one came.

Grand Theft Audio: Hive is designed to be more than a party, more than a show and more than an event.

The aim is to get a few hundred of the most interesting, talented, creative and visionary people – committed to bringing a thriving live music scene back to London – together to have a great time, immerse ourselves in creativity and push forward with the transformation of art and culture in this city.

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