About GTA

London’s live music venues are increasingly under threat from the city’s rents being pushed up by faceless developers, and communities are finding themselves surrounded by plenty of luxury flats, but few places to create or collaborate – a vital part of creating music.

Venues such as Bagleys, SE1, The Joiners Arms, Astoria, Vibe Bar, Pacha, Velvet Rooms, Plastic People, Four Aces, Dance Tunnel and Madame Jo Jos have all been lost to this trend and the newly appointed Night Tzar, Amy Lamé, recognises the challenge this presents to London’s nightlife.

Grand Theft Audio is the launch of a campaign to ‘take back the music’, brought to you by a trio of well known venues – one a legitimate venue forced underground, an underground venue gone legit, and the first ever legitimate, underground venue. Between them, The Silver Bullet, Passing Clouds and Hive Dalston have a lot of contacts; we’re using them to bring together some of the amazing people who live, work and play in London’s music scene.

The aim? To start a credible movement of music lovers to seed the regeneration of London’s music scene – in the form of a party …

Three stages and seven areas will showcase some of London’s best musical, artistic and bizarre underground talent, set against an urban backdrop of subversive artwork, broadcast live from the Hive’s Third Floor Studio, in a venue that was rebuilt from an empty shell on a budget of £250. Hive Dalston is the result of an unlikely but innovative collaboration between a developer, activists, council, community and local businesses. Grand Theft Audio is the chance to take this innovation further and take back the music…