THREE community venues, ONE special location, SEVEN different areas = ONE awesome event

February 25th 2017 is the night we start to redress the imbalance with Grand Theft Audio: Hive – the “it’s time to take back the music” party!

Passing Clouds, The Silver Bullet and Hive Dalston join forces with one of London’s top underground party organisers – the Night of Suspenses – to bring you a complete Hive takeover!

Amazing bands, magical performances and interactive theater will make this night a once-in-a-lifetime event and it marks the start of a campaign to re-open some of those grand old spaces as grassroots music venues… places designed to bring out the talent in our people and nurture it.

7 areas of entertainment and 7 hours of mayhem in the creative hub that is the Hive.

magic, music, subversive advertising exhibition, dancers, street performers, immersive theater, mc’s, dj’s, Date the Hive Diner, lounge singers… and much much more… a themed take-over with live Hive Radio broadcasting the highlights all night long… you’ve never seen the Hive like this – bursting at the seams with entertainment, spectacle and enjoyment!

7 different areas of entertainment – Disco Inferno, Vaudeville, Central Park, Date The Hive Diner, The Streets, Third Floor Studio, Our Yard

Third Floor Studio

Throughout the night Hive Radio will be broadcasting music from the event, as well as interviews with artists, exclusive collaborations and special guests from the London music scene.

Date The Hive Diner

American style vegan diner, serving hot dogs and burgers, brought to you by Save The Date – ‘East London’s Egalitarian Eatery’. They bring Circular Economy principles to your plate.

Couch Potato Vodka Bar

A party needs a bar, luckily we’ll have two. If you’re lucky you’ll find your way to the Couch Potato speakeasy, from Vestal Vodka. Served in some of the best bars in the world, this vodka has a musical heritage of our own. Drink too much and In the morning you know you won’t remember a thing. Which is why we advise you to drink sensibly.

Vestal Vodka is made of potatoes, and so are our straws. They began to bio-degrade in two weeks: Save Our Seas!

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