The 25th February 2017 will be a day when love shines through and we begin to take the music back!

Night of Suspenses ( is back with a one off Hive take-over. Some of you may know that the Suspenses went on from doing awesome arty parties in empty buildings all over London to forming ReSpace and The Hive… but it’s only now that they are ready to do their first party in nearly two years.

And all for a good cause… it’s a Hive fundraiser, but it’s also because London’s music scene is under attack – developers and policies designed to make places and make money are stripping the underground and the community of their spaces – we need to get together to push back.

Suspenses have always specialised in parties with a purpose and their code was “by everyone – for everyone” Grand Theft Audio: Hive will be no different… we plan to take the Hive to it’s limits using every space as creatively as we can. Multiple stages, exhibitions, live radio. God only knows what’s going to happen next!


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